Wim Starink, founder and owner of Star Business:
“My commitment is clear: I want to help people to realise their potential, to become who they want to be. For themselves and for the company they work for.”

“My mission is to make people aware of themselves and their possibilities. And to enable companies to fully use the potential of their human resources. Which means improvement both ways. The person becomes happier and healthier, and thereby will become more productive. And the company runs on self-motivated people. That works!

I derive my approach and inspiration from organic and natural processes. People are no machines. Nature gives us beautiful examples of how to cope with major changes.”

Our team

Star Business operates through a fixed group of trainers and coaches. Each with their own unique skillset and background. De binding factor is our vision on human excellence and our approach: better (business) results by liberating the human potential of the workers.

Wim has over 30 years of experience as project manager, business consultant and human resource manager.

As a trainer he has specialised in interactive and intense training in the area of personal development, coaching, change and project management and inspirational and charismatic leadership.  Next to that, Wim coaches managers and senior employees in a wide range of companies.

Hanna completed a classical theatre training stared her career as actress, director and theatre teacher.

Within Star Business she provides the training in the area of communication, assertiveness and conflict management.

She uses her theatre background to engage the participants in exercises and role plays. With lots of humour and fun the hardest cases are opened up and the participants leave the training with a set of tangible skills to improve their working situation.

Started his career as actor, painter, art teacher and organiser of large exhibitions.

After that Mark specialised in training and coaching in the area of personal growth, creative think tanking and product development.

Since 2007 Mark coordinates the Star Business activities in Denmark.

Our customers

The branches in which we operate:

Individual coaching, training and team building off-sites for several departments and business units.

Human resource policy for a new call centre and sales-coaching using personal profile analysis.

Implementing Service Level Agreements within this clearing house.

Leadership development and young professionals.

Leadership development training, team building trajectories, individual coaching and supporting organisational changes.

Supporting a major culture change program.

Implementing competence management and providing team building training. 

Management training and coaching for de shift supervisors.

Training of the HR staff and creativity sessions.

Training Selling Training Solutions, effective communication and coaching skills.

Optimising team performance and management coaching.

Presentation Energy management for their Key Customers in Europe.

Management and leadership development training, executive coaching and team building and tailor-made training for production teams.

(NL, DK, CAN, SUI, D, F, Sp, AU, N)

Train-the-trainer training to senior employees.

Train-the-trainer training to senior employees.

Team development programme for the Finance department.

Train-the-trainer training to senior employees and management.

Training specialists, general practitioners, pharmacists and their assistents.

Management training, developing e-learning programmes, off-sites, brainstorm sessions, and team building.

Management coaching and team building.

Business values and team building.

Train-the-trainer training for senior employees and supervisors.

Strategic workshops HR department, executive coaching.

Leadership Development training and management coaching.

Implementation consultancy, training development, train-the-trainer.

Management coaching.

Coaching project leaders.

Project management implementation.

Coaching projectleiders binnen de systeembeheer afdeling van KLM.

Project management implementatie van een nieuw werkplek systeem.

Training basis management skills and coaching project manager.

Coaching board members and management training.

Coaching employees.

Team building, management coaching and team roles analysis.

Personal Profile Analyses, management training and coaching, training and coaching sales team, team development programme.

Training management and communication skills.

Team building, creative thin tank processes, management training and culture change.

Team training service desk.

Management training, team building, Personal Profile Analyses and team roles analysis.

Facilitating brainstorm sessions.

Global strategische workshops.

Leadership development training.

Preferred Supplier Management development training.

Facilitating brainstorm sessions and team building training.

Coaching MT and culture change.

Management coaching.


Management coaching.

Team building management team.

Training coaching skills.

Project management competence management, coaching employees, training management.

Training and coaching for managers and leadership team of this training institute for water management.

Management training and coaching.

Team building and training.

Training development.

Leadership development training.

Management training and coaching.

Management training and coaching.

Team building, management training and coaching.

Strategic workshop ITO Account management.

Training and coaching.

(Bergen op Zoom)

Management coaching and team building.

(Nato administratieve organisatie)

Tailor made training for system implementation.

Training effective communication, conflict management, team building and individual coaching.

Implementation training for a new financial system (project management, consultancy, workshops, training).

Team training and coaching.

Leadership development training.

Project management implementation Competence Management.

Management training and caching, Team building Customer Contact Centre.

Training ICT departments.

Training specialists and assistants.

Management training, consultancy and coaching.