Anniversary offer
"Structured brainstorm session"

A carefully prepared and well facilitated brainstorm that ensures maximum result at a minimal time load for the participants in the session.


Solve problems, think about new products or methods or determine your vision and strategy using modern, effective brainstorm methodologies, assisted by experienced facilitators. Because of the professional approach, you could even involve clients in your brainstorm.

How does it work?

  1. You decide what the outcome of the brainstorm should be
  2. We help you define the problem statement
  3. Together we determine who should take part
  4. We suggest a brainstorm method that best suits the question
  5. Together we prepare the session (including reading materials)
  6. You plan the session and invite the participants
  7. We facilitate the brainstorm and take care of the notes

Depending on the problem statement, a structured brainstorm can take 1 hour ("How do we solve this problem?") or may last for 2 days ("What should the new marketing campaign look like?").

Because of our 20th anniversary we offer you a 20% discount on your first brainstorm session with us.

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