Anniversary offer
"GROW your Team"

A one-day training to tune your (management) team. For teams with challenging goals.


Using the GROW-method you’ll discuss your goals, get to know each other better, analyse the current situation and conclude with specific agreements about what you want to accomplish and do, and how to work together.


Goal(s) – What are the goals we should focus on?
Reality – Extensive Team and SWOT Analysis
Options – Structured brainstorm about possible solutions
Way Forward – tangible agreements and action plan

Short presentations or skills training can be added where necessary.


We prepare the day with you, we’ll do the preparations, we’ll take care of the presentations, we’ll guide the brainstorming sessions and we’ll write the report. You can relax that day and join the process, so that all your attention can be focused on how to achieve your goals.

Because of our 20th anniversary we offer you a 20% discount on your first GROW-training with us.

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