Anniversary offer
"Personal profile analysis"

An online tool to support your recruitment of the right employees.

Personal Profile Analyses (PPA)

Our offer concerns the use of Personal Profile Analyses as a Recruitment & Selection tool. Many of you already know the PPA's from the team training and coaching we have done for you. Some of our customers now use the PPA to select the most fitting applicant from a number of candidates.

How does it work?

Send us thee name and email-address of a candidate. We then invite the candidate to fill in an online questionnaire in 10 minutes. We will send you the report the same day.
This will give you insight into the character of the candidate, his strengths and weaknesses, the added value for your organization and the functions that he or she is suitable for.

We will be happy to explain how this works and can send you an example report. In addition, we have another online tool that will help you to create a job profile and even the ad text.

Because of our 20th anniversary we offer you a 20% discount on your first profile analysis with us.

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